This is what a barbecue grill looked like 2,000 years ago!

2023-04-23 17:12

Barbecue is one of the first food invented by human beings, and it has been a food for thousands of years.

The reason why it is prosperous is that it is simple, convenient, delicious and popular in nomadic and farming areas. In the Gansu Provincial Museum, there is a barbecue oven dating back about two thousand years. It's more sophisticated than we can imagine. 

It was a very delicate oven, small at the bottom, large at the top, about the size of a bowl. It seems to be divided into two layers, the bottom hollowed out to facilitate the leakage of carbon ash, there is a circular bracket above the furnace. 

The gap of the support is relatively fine, which can not only put meat skewers, but also meat slices, naturally can also put cakes, but also boil water. So, this is a mini multi purpose grill.


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