10-14 -2022
It is time to go out for camping and tent with stoves

the temperature is not hot, it is time to go out for camping and tenting.

11-18 -2021
Barbeque history

Most of American brands manufacture their BBQ grills in China. It is very important for BBQ brands to find a stable BBQ grill supplier from China

08-27 -2021
There are also colorful BBQ team building

Life is more than just the present And play with poems and Fang Work is more than just two points and one line between company and home There are also colorful BBQ team building Summer is always a season of love and hatred And barbecue is the eternal summer theme Life is alive, eat and drink two words! While the breeze is not dry, while colleagues are by Have a summer barbecue party! All surprises Is happening quietly

07-01 -2021
live broadcast of product introduction

In the afternoon of July 1, 2021, Tekl Trading Co., Ltd. carried out the live broadcast of product introduction in the broadcast room. Under the guidance of our boss Andy, Christin and Alyson, the business department of company, launched this activity.

06-18 -2021
Customer and Product Analysis Meeting

On June 17th, Xiamen Tekl Interprises CO.,LTD. held the "Customer and Product Analysis Meeting" in the conference room. Andy, the boss of the company,

06-15 -2021
When we grilling the food

We have a good news that charcoal could be ready in 1 minutes by TEKL Electrical Charcoal Starter.

06-10 -2021
Customer visit

Today, my dear Chilean customer Claudio came to visit the company after talking to me. He said that he has been in China for more than three years and loves China very much.

06-10 -2021
Come with cargo

Xiamen Tekl Interprises Co., Ltd. Xiamen port to UK Summer is coming, the carnival begins, welcome to our BBQ Kingdom.

06-09 -2021
A meeting to celebrate the boss's birthday

On June 8, 2021, all employees of Tekler celebrated the boss's birthday at the weekly meeting.Everyone laments the time flies.And give sustenance to the new couple

03-17 -2021
Learning training meeting

After learning, we held a learning meeting, so that you can have a branch growth in this learning training,Meeting requirements for personnel and enterprises should insist to practice, pay attention to learning, to apply the knowledge and skills of learning to to the production and operation management

03-17 -2021
Participate in public welfare activities

Public welfare activities like a lamp, warm way. The meaning of public welfare activities are we voluntarily contribute an own force.Extensive public welfare activities, of course, no matter how big or small things, he can be a collective organized activities, also can be a personal contribution to his own time and energy. Different form, but the connotation is not too much difference.

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